The purpose of this website is to provide services to customers who would like to organize their photo collection into slideshow DVD or use their TV as digital picture frame. Although there are many photo and images services out there, we think that there may be some people who prefer to passively enjoy viewing photo images the way we do. Just turn on TV pop in a DVD disc or USB drive and let the DVD or media player cycle through their favorite photo.

A little bit of history of why we create such services. In the past several years, we have a few Blu-ray players that include a special program called Picasa Web Album. We just let the program cycle through our favorite slide show without any intervention. After Google killed off Picasa, we search through the internet to get various pictures, and made slideshow DVD ourselves.

If you prefer to use your TV as digital picture frame, pop in a DVD, and leisurely enjoy the slide show, our service may be what you want. You may have a collection of photo on some special events that you prefer to put them into a slideshow DVD, our services may also satisfy your need.

Finally, we would like to thanks the creator of ImageMagick image processing package. We use the program to prepare images for slide show program.